About Us

TWEX is an EU Regulated Institution that has the legal right to open wallets, receive FIAT Currencies, buy and trade crypto assets and send FIAT currencies back to investors as per license numbers FVR000659 and FRK000557 delivered in Estonia, EU.

Our market place is where investors can buy various other crypto assets including our own creations:

Our TWEX Token is a unique utility token that has to be used in order to acquire any other crypto assets trading on our sites.

It has a minimum guaranteed value of 9.4 € at all times. The total number of tokens issued amounts to 30,000,000 only and once an investment is made and the token used, then the TWEX goes back into treasury and can be sold once again thus making it a perpetual unique token with a minimum guaranteed value!

Our TWDEV Tokens have been created to help further the expansion of our various smart contracts trading platforms located around the World such as France, Sweden, UK, India, Portugal, Korea, Etc…

Both tokens are utility tokens as they are used to perform specific tasks such as for TWEX, acquisitions of securities, crypto assets, etc. Each time they are used, the cash is exchanged against the assets being acquired while the token is redeemed and goes back into treasury to be used again by others.

The TWEX tokens are also required to be able to acquire securities offered on our other Exchange: www.twexsec.com

When investing in companies trading on our other platform, the TWEX Tokens are exchanged against Tokenised Preferred Shares issued by each company trading on the platform accompanied by a bunch of smart contracts for capital repayment and to enable buyer to participate in the profits made by the companies too at a later stage. Once again, the cash flows to the companies chosen by the investor, the shares and debt instruments for face amount of 10 € per token are issued in favour of investor and the TWEX Token goes back into treasury to be used at a later date by new buyers!

Please feel free to consult our sites:
www.twex.info for more information about how to acquire the TWEX and TWDEV Tokens
www.twexsec.com for our smart contracts trading platform
www.twex.biz for a non exhaustive list of countries where TWEX Ltd is conducting business or planning to conduct business in the future.

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