About Us

We are TAG World Exchange an International Private Exchange Company.

The management team of our Group has over 300 years of combined experience in various fields such as: Investment Banking, Financial Technology (FinTech), Banking and Financial Services, Alternate Investment Management (AIM), Innovative and Disruptive Technologies (such as Blockchain, Hyper ledger, etc.) Marketing, IT, Sales, Programming, Alternative Finance, Accounting and Management, etc.

TWEX is managed by an EU Regulated Financial Institution with a license delivered in Estonia, EU.

Our market place is where investors can buy various other digital assets such as:

      - Smart contracts for profit participation issued by each company          listed with us,

      - Smart contracts for capital repayment issued by each company          listed with us,

      - Various Funds digital assets listed with our parent company          TAG Bankers Ltd (www.tagbankers.com)

When investing in companies trading on our other platform, funds are exchanged against Digitised Preferred Shares issued by each company trading on the platform accompanied by a bunch of smart contracts for capital repayment, profit participation and a percentage of sales augmentation post and prior funding. When investing in one of the listed funds, a digitised share is issued that will entitle holder to a variable return based on profits generated by companies benefitting from the investment.

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